Leprosy colony renovation

Next to the Stella Maris convent, 42 houses house families of lepers whom we take care of.
These houses are in urgent need of renovation, including roofs and drinking water supply.
The budget per house was established at 1,060 euros.
Below you will find a presentation of our colony. Then the renovation budget and finally the bank details in order to help us and participate to this renovation.

Presentation of SMIDS

The Stella Maris Institute of Studies and Development (SMIDS) is a non-governmental NGO founded in 1997 by the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary.
It is registered and recognized by the Government.
Across India and the world (Europe, America, Africa), this congregation actively serves marginalized and socio-economically disadvantaged populations.
We need your generous financial support to implement the above project which will bring lasting changes in the lives of families affected by leprosy, this terrible disease.
What we can assure you is that 100% of the financial support you provide will be used for the purposes for which it is collected (we have no charges or salaries).
If you cannot act financially, pass the information on to your friends and on social networks, this will also be very useful.

Presentation of the Kanyakumari leper colony

SMIDS built the leper colony in 1997, with support from international organizations.
Sixty individual houses provide a safe stay for families affected by leprosy and rejected by their families and by society. Residents of the colony cannot work and beg for money to meet their basic needs.
A few families have started raising chickens and goats in their gardens with the support of SMIDS.
The children of these families continue their studies thanks to the financial assistance of various benefactors.

We need to renovate these houses

We have not carried out any major repairs and forty-two (42) houses are seriously damaged.
During the rainy season, the occupants face serious difficulties.
The renovation includes replacing the damaged roof, floor and walls.
A second important improvement is to provide drinking water with a tap in every house. Currently, water comes from a well and fetching water is extremely painful for these sick people.
We will monitor the work and post photos and information online.

The renovation plan and budget

Renovation of 42 houses: repair of roofs + concreting of floors + repair of walls + installation of windows + repair of electricity and finally painting
Installation of one faucet per house
4,030,000 Rps or 44,469 Euros or 1,060 Euros per house
Project duration = one year.