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WATER TROLLEY... a "hobby" during the lockdown !!
In many villages of Tamil Nadu, running water is not installed in the houses and women have to go several times a day, sometimes on several hundred meters to reach common taps. They most often wear plastic jars on their hips or on their heads. We imagined this model of "water wheelbarrow" which could be shared between several families. It can carry three jars at once, saving time and a lot of fatigue. We made this prototype with an old bicycle wheel, a few tubes, angle and flat irons. It costs about $ 17 in material and the same amount of labor. This prototype is being tested in one village and then in another to have a return on the interest of this realization.
Unique ID of VO/NGO = TN / 2017/0120056. Registration N° 50/1997
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