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Vaigah Farmer producer Company is an agricultural cooperative created in June 2020 on the initiative of SMIDS to unite small farmers from the Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu, India, in order to improve their living conditions.
Vaigah FPC currently brings together 1030 farmers on a total of 700 hectars
Many of these farmers are women and in particular the widows of sailors who died in the 2004 tsunami in grim memory.
The Ecocenter campus    
Located in the district of Tirunelveli at UDHAYATHOOR, it is a 2 hectares compound which houses existing buildings and will house soon additional activities under development.
A first DEUTZ 4-wheel drive tractor was acquired thanks to the generosity of a donor.
Moringa cultivation          
The main crop is Moringa , a tree native to India with multiple virtues both from a nutritional and medicinal point of view and finally agronomically since it contributes to the fight against erosion by fixing the soil.
Cultivated without chemicals, picked up by hand
Extract from WIKIPEDIA: the " Moringa Oleifera " is a fast growing tree r é resistant to drought and from the Indian subcontinent. Commonly called moringa , “ drumstick tree ” (because of its long seed pods), “horseradish tree” because of the taste of its roots, and finally ben oil tree

A Moringa processing unit is opened and partially operational at the Eco center.
On the picture the existing : Watcher room - Washing area - Solar dryer - Processing building.
In this building, the following steps are taken :
  • Extraction of oil from ben ; cold extraction of the seeds which gives a 100% pure and natural oil with high cosmetic and medicinal value
  • Grinding of leaves and seeds into powder and bagging
  • Compression of the powder into tablets       
  • Production of creams and drinks based on Moringa  
  • Packaging whole seeds and other items
The production of cattle feed           
In the form of pellets, these foods will be based on Moringa up to 20%
Several studies have largely proven the beneficial effect of Moringa on lactation and animal growth.
Already two promises pellet supply contract were passed e s with Kerala dairy cooperatives
Fundraising is underway to build a small unit that will produce one ton per month.
Fish farming is planned
A small demonstration pond will house TILAPIA which will be fed mainly on Moringa
Several studies show the interest : Moringa has-been widely studied as alternative protein source in fish diets and seems to be a promising protein source. Moringa leaf can partially replace conventional diets of Nile tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus L.) without any depression in growth performance.        
A Californian Company engage the experimented with success at large scale: i vatio n -method
This pond will be a model for the village communities as the center will host training sessions.
On the picture, our test-pond in Stella Maris.
Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture, marine animal husbandry and hydroponics which is the cultivation of plants out of the ground.
Aquaponics uses these two techniques in symbiosis in which the plants are nourished by animal waste.
Two test greenhouses are already installed on the Stella Maris campus and development on a larger scale will be realized in eco center area with assistance from NABARD
On the picture, our test green house in Stella Maris.
Unique ID of VO/NGO = TN / 2017/0120056. Registration N° 50/1997
“Establishment of the Society based on Justice, Peace and Sustainable Development”
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