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Can you help us to change
the life of this girl ?

Can you help us fund these young girls?
Thanks to you their life can change completely… Without studies they will soon be obliged to return to their villages, married by their parents.

Bovana lives with her sister Thilaka at the Convent of Stella Maris in Kanyakumari.
Their family is poor and cannot take care of them.
Better still, they call them to send their wages to the family.
Thilaka is trying to save some money to buy a necklace so that she can get married.

We have convinced Bovana to do some education at our expense as she is very deserving and conscientious.
She began nursing studies for three years last year.

These studies cost 4,000 Rupees (45 Euro) per month for the monthly tuition fees and 2,500 Rupees (28 Euros) for meals and accommodation during the week in the city.

We regularly help deserving young girls who cannot afford an education.

Mina is currently finishing studies as an accounting assistant.
Last year Anitha became a teacher

According to studies it takes between 50 and 80 Euro per month.

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